Voices that matter

The National Refugee-led Advisory and Advocacy Group (NRAAG) is a refugee-led entity that aims to create spaces, platforms and strong voices led by former refugees, people from refugee-like backgrounds and people seeking asylum in key decision-making tables, policy, public and media discourse. NRAAG aims to inform key policies, service delivery, campaigns, research, and key initiatives affecting the lives of its constituents with a range of partners and allies. NRAAG’s steering committee is composed of highly engaged individuals who are connectors, drivers and experienced in leadership, advocacy, and policy.

The guiding principle deeply entrenched in all of NRAAG’s work is the belief that given the opportunity and the right resources, those with first-hand experience of an issue, the impacted communities, are best placed to devise the most effective and efficient solutions to their own challenges. With this strengths-based approach and the expertise of lived experience, we aim to join forces with key players in the refugee rights movement to find solutions that will positively enhance the lives of refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia.