STAND WITH US Voices that matter NRAAG is an Australian refugee-led entity that envisions to create spaces, platforms and strong voices led by former refugees, people from refugee-like backgrounds and people seeking asylum in key decision making, public & media discourse. JOIN NRAAG TODAY

Why is our
work important?

Agency and active participation of people with lived experience in decisions that affect them, and their communities directly matter. NRAAG is comprised of a group of former refugees, refugees and people seeking asylum that hold important expertise and perspective in laws, policies, services, and initiatives that affect their lives. NRAAG exists to enhance refugee leadership in decisions and highlight the importance of refugee voices and self-representation which for a long time have been diluted to platforms for storytelling only.

While we acknowledge the importance of stories in shaping narratives and other discourses, people with lived experience have more to offer and need to  have space to advocate for policy, be a part of decision making practices, and have a seat at the table when it comes to issues that affect them.